HM Designs provides E-Design Services which are available to clients outside of Montreal QC: 

Interior Design accomplished via Face Time, email correspondence and conversations over the phone. 

Design consultation, Concept Design, Floor Plans etc, Space Planning, Product Lists, List of Suppliers and more. 


Conceptual Stage

home styling

A mood board is essential for the concept to start to piece together, paint swatches, photos, different material samples and anything else that can capture the "inspo" the client intended on and to decide on the look and feel they want for their space. 




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Existing plan; Survey

concept design; mood board 

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Remodeling and Home Design

HM Designs Services

In order to create the space we need the existing layout, an architectural survey of the existing space hand drawn then transferred to AutoCad software where the process of elimination and recreating the space to the clients needs and wants begins. 

During the renovation process, I will take the clients out shopping for home accessories, and accent pieces to finish off the look. 
This is also an option provided for Home Staging, clients who want to give their home a fresh look that is easy for potential home Buyers to imagine themselves living there with their own furniture. 
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Once the colour pallet, surface materials, and basic idea of furniture and lighting have been decided, HM Designs creates 3D images for the client to take a walk through their future space. Changes are still able to be made at this stage and images made available for the client to be part of the entire process.
Option also available for Real Estate Offices and Model Home Construction companies, requiring 3D models for Clients to preview future Residential and Commercial developments.